O Black River

by Hannah Miller

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    Released Sept. 27, 2011. Produced by Neilson Hubbard.
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Track List for O Black River:
1. O Black River
2. To the Swift
3. Bleed Out
4. Foolish Pride
5. Elijah
6. Refuge


released 27 September 2011

O Black River- Produced by Neilson Hubbard
Journey to the Moon- Produced by Ian Fitchuk/Justin Loucks



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Track Name: O Black River
Words and Music by Hannah Miller and Neilson Hubbard

oh black river
oh black river
come wash over me
I'll stay under your rushing water
until i come up clean
I've heard the healing of your power
can make a blind man see
oh black river
oh black river
come wash over me

Oh black river
i've been standing for too long on your shore
in that place i felt the weight of all the hurt i bore
but you run dark with the stains from hearts
of sinners who've come before
oh black river is there room for just one more

Oh black river
I often wander through the valley of thorns
among the thieves beside the whores
lives broke and torn
would you rise your banks, flood the plains
for the lowly and forlorn
oh black river
drown me here and I will be reborn
Track Name: Elijah
Words and Music by Hannah Miller

Elijah was a man just like us
he prayed it would not rain and so it was

Oh go climb your high mountain
Pray you'll be saved
Hurry I hear the sound
Of a heavy rain, a heavy rain

The Lord told Moses, "I am who I am
the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham"
i've heard my people's cry
I've heard my people's cry

Oh Go climb your high mountain
pray you'll be saved
hurry i hear the sound
of a heavy rain
Track Name: Bleed Out
Words and Music by Hannah Miller and Neilson Hubbard

hush baby hush now
don't make a sound
hands can build what hands tear down

don't sound the alarm
don't pick at the scar
what you did wont do no harm

baby i wont bleed i wont bleed out

found a loose thread
hiding here in the dark
careful love we don't pull apart

stand down your army
thats enough casualties
you and I aren't enemies/are not/ aren't not the enemy

lets talk about how the pieces used to fit together
lets take a walk back to the start
we'll find out the same wounds we've taken are the wounds we've given
we're still standing in the end